Hertz thanks our
healthcare workers.

On behalf of everyone at Hertz, we deeply and sincerely thank the healthcare workers fighting so courageously on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from a customer who was worried about his fiancé’s commute to her job at a New York City hospital. He felt a rental car could provide more safety and peace of mind than public transportation. Two days later, we launched a program to offer a free vehicle rental to as many healthcare workers as our resources could support as NYC emerged at the forefront of this crisis.

Over the past three weeks, we’ve proudly provided $2 million in free vehicle rentals to more than 2,000 healthcare workers in New York City. This has been possible because of Hertz’s dedicated team in New York and their extraordinary efforts to serve our customers and healthcare workers in this time of crisis. Our employees have gone the extra mile, while managing through unique logistics and resource challenges as a result of the pandemic.

As all of our available vehicles for the New York City healthcare-worker program are now rented or reserved through April 30, and the program comes to a close, I want to express how honored we have been to help those we could. We are deeply moved by the stories they shared with us and the gratitude they’ve expressed to our employees. A Physician Assistant, working in an ICU in the Bronx, gave us a glimmer into her daily fight:

“I work 12.5 and 24 hour shifts, taking care of the sickest COVID-19 patients in our hospital. A lot of us are working overtime, picking up shifts for sick colleagues, traveling to hospitals further away because they're in need. You've really made our ability to get to work much easier and safer so that we have more mental, emotional and physical energy to care for our patients.”

We thank her and all healthcare workers for everything they are doing in the fight against COVID-19 and for their trust in Hertz to get them where they need to be, safely.

With gratitude,

Kathy Marinello
Hertz President and CEO

We see you go the extra mile every day - and you inspire us. Thank you.